Monday, 19 February 2018


Ladang Rakyat Trengganu Sdn. Bhd. has been incorporated in August 1977 to concentrate on oil palm plantations in all scattered area within the state of Trengganu. It also plays a major role in the trading and marketing of crude palm oil (CPO). Throughout the years, Ladang Rakyat Terengganu Sdn. Bhd. has expands its business into property management and development, integration farming and processing pallets. In spite of that, it also involves in tourism as a way to represent Trengganu in the eyes of the world.

Ladang Rakyat Trengganu Sdn. Bhd. is owned by 3 major shareholders; 43% by Terengganu Incorporated (T.I), 38% by Ketengah Holdings (KETENGAH) and 19% by Kumpulan Ladang Ladang Terengganu Sdn. Bhd. The company has other subsidiaries; Kilang Rakyat Ketengah Perwira (58%) which focusing on palm oil processing and Cheneh Recreation & Resort which focusing on tourism. The authorized capital is RM 35 million and the paid-up capital is RM 24.6 million.

The company's early vision and mission is to develop the forest area; covered about 7278 acre of land in Mukim Bandi, Tebak and Banggol with oil palm plantations. Other than gaining the profit from oil palm, the company also aims to reach Dasar Ekonomi Baru which to prevent poverty amongst people in Terengganu itself and develop Bandar Cheneh Baharu by giving their people new skills and knowledge in plantation and commercializes farming.

Since oil palm industries are growing fast in the right direction, Ladang Rakyat Trengganu Sdn. Bhd. wants to manage and develop the oil palm industry for a better future.

At present, LRTSB has six estates covering both the districts of Kemaman and Kuala Terengganu, comprising about  9,877.00 hectares of land, out of which 9856.00 hectares has been planted, 7142.00 hectares already matured, and 301.00 hectares for new planting in 2011.
In April 2007, LRTSB have built a palm oil mill at the KM 3, Jalan Cherul, Bandar Ceneh Baharu, Kemaman, Terengganu. This mill has a capability to process 45 Mt per hour of Fresh Fruit Bunches.

The primary business focus of the company is mainly in the products of oil palm which includes sales of Fresh Fruit bunches (FFB), trading Crude Palm Oil (CPO) and Palm Kernel (PK). However, synergistic to the main activity, LRTSB has also recently introduced livestock integration in the estates, and has successfully managed about 2700 heads of cattle. The sales from livestock has steadily supplemented to the financial income of the company.

Ladang Rakyat Trengganu Sdn. Bhd. 
Kompleks Perladangan Ceneh, KM1 Jalan Cherul, Bandar Ceneh Baru, 24000 Kemaman,Terengganu, Terengganu Darul Iman
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Monday, 19 February 2018